Frank Ye


I am a software engineer with experience building projects in Ruby on Rails, SQL, JavaScript, and React.js/Redux. I've been interested in coding from a young age--think geocities, flaming marquee text, and MIDI background music.

I'm always looking for the next challenge as an opportunity to expand my knowledge. Please feel free to contact me or look at my resume.

When I'm not coding up a storm, I enjoy leading my teammates to victory in a game of DOTA, trimming my aquatic plants, and attempting to move my cat off my keyboard unscathed.



Pixel Tracker

Agile project management tool inspired by Pivotal Tracker. Created with Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, React.js, and Redux. Features full user authentication, project creation, member management, and drag and drop prioritization.

Corgi Runner

Infinite run browser game, built with JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas. Your corgi has run away! Chase after your corgi while avoiding obstacles. Features a parallax background, high score saving, and sprite animations.

Hasty Archive

Object-relational mapping (ORM) built in Ruby. Features general database querying, has many, belongs to, has one through, and presence, uniqueness and length validations. A demo database to test is included in the Github repo.